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World’s Largest Coffee Bean Mosaic

The world’s largest mosaic made of coffee beans is in Gorky Park in Moscow. “The Awakening” was created by Russian artist Arkadi Kim, who completed the masterpiece in just two weeks- a relatively short time for a mosaic of this size, which set a world record last year.

Kim roasted more than 1 million beans herself so she could obtain the color tones necessary for the masterpiece, which weighs in at about 180kg (397lbs). It measures 30 square meters, and beats the previous record of 5 square meters previously held by Armenian artist Saimir Strati.




Via OddityCentral

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  1. Paula March 14, 2015 at 12:31 am #

    Just awesome. What a artist. Beautiful!! I love what she did roasting the beans for her colors. Just beautiful.

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